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Watch out for scams!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020


For the past few days, a scammer has posed as a SAMEDIA employee and has sent phishing emails to clients.

SAMEDIA strongly disputes these illegal practices and invites you to follow a few safety rules:

1 - Never respond to any questionable message, masquerading as sent from SAMEDIA. If the email address or email signature explicitly refers to a shipment from SAMEDIA, it is an identity theft, resulting in image damage.

2 - Forward to your SAMEDIA sales representative any scam-type message which ends in @ samedia.com or which presents itself as coming from the SAMEDIA company.

3 - Report as phishing message in your mailbox. Many couriers offer this feature to better fight against scams.

Our employees, customers and suppliers have been warned of the circulation of this scam.

SAMEDIA reserves the right to go further in the event of a repeat counterfeiter.

We hope you are in good health despite the times of crisis that we are all going through.

The SAMEDIA team.


Photo credit : Pau CASALS.