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Vacuum cleaner VAC 520

Vacuum cleaner VAC 520

Product description

The new VAC 520 from SAMEDIA is the new benchmark in power and handling, for vacuuming fine dust on large surfaces.


  • High performance: 2 polyester filters for a suction surface of 8,600 cm2
  • Robust: plastic tank
  • Practical: brake system
  • Handy: 4 transport wheels, accessory storage system
  • Secure: indicator light
  • Class M fine dust approved: working comfort and operator protection. A SAMEDIA performance.
  • SAMEDIA innovation: EZ-CLEAN technology for continuous filter cleaning without loss of power.
  • Accessory storage system
  • 1 year warranty
  • Made in Germany

Technical information

Art. number Power Voltage Air flow Depression Tank capacity accessories Length
MC2100 1600 W 220/230 V 230 m3/h = 64 l/s 259 mbar 35 l 35 mm 5 m 15,7 Kg


Technical characteristics :

  • Class M vacuum cleaner with automatic continuous filter cleaning technology and sensors permanently measuring the clogging of the filters.
  • Very robust and large capacity plastic tank (35 l).
  • 8 m PVC power cable.
  • 4 very manoeuvrable routes (2 large rear, 2 small front with brake system).
  • Integrated and controlled power outlet to safely connect your electrical devices.
  • Slave socket max 1900 W
  • Indicator light for filter control
  • Detection of the water level in the tank with automatic shutdown of the device.
  • Audible signal in the event of too low air flow.

Accessories supplied with the VAC 520:

  • 1 gray suction hose ∅ 35 mm on length 5 m
  • 3 special PE bags
  • 2 class M cassette filters
  • 1 step rubber adapter


Available on order: filters in cassettes, non-woven filter bag, PE bag for emptying and disposal.

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