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SAMEDIA, largest European diamond tools manufacturersamedia

Founded in 1961, SAMEDIA is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional diamond tools, with a capacity of more than 1 million tools a year,

We sell tools and machines for construction and public works sectors.

SAMEDIA owns 2 factories in Germany and France. Our German factory is one of the largest production centers in the world, with high quality and automated processes.

The majority of the laser-welded diamond cutting blades, grinding cup wheels and diamond core bits are produced in Germany.


SAMEDIA is a member of the JFC DIAMOND TOOLS. The corporate network’s production sites are distributed across central Europe. We are mainly focused and concentrated to the production of diamond tools in Germany (1), France (2) and Belgium (3). Since 2016 belongs a manufacturer (fuhrer+bachmann, 4) of professional stone cutting machines to the group of companies.

Through the interlinking of diamond tools and machinery, we are in a position to produce perfectly matching systems. As a result, professional craftsmen are offered genuine solutions for the areas of cutting, coring and drilling from a single source.


Since 1961 with a capacity of 2 million tools a year, SAMEDIA is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional diamond tools. As a member of OSA (Organisation for the Safety of Abrasive Tools), high standards of product safety are at the forefront of SAMEDIA.


Significant resources for the best tool quality

SAMEDIA uses a unique, worldwide-patented hot forging technology called SHOXX® for the production of segments.

We are proud to apply an approach based on sustainable development and respect for the environment.

This clear development approach has earned SAMEDIA ISO 14001 certification.


A complete range of products

SAMEDIA offers a wide range of diamond tools: diamond blades, cup wheels, core drills and other special tools. All provide great efficiency in many materials. They are also suitable for all professional operations (tiling, masonry, drilling, roofing ...).


A commitment to quality and certifications

SAMEDIA’s manufacturing policy guarantees the delivery of products in compliance with European standard EN 13236. This standard ensures the highest level of safety.

As a member of oSa (Organization for the Safety of Abrasives), the highest standards of product safety are at the forefront of SAMEDIA’s practices.

In addition to bearing the prestigious oSa label, SAMEDIA is a member of several professional associations, including the major manufacturers of superabrasives (FEPA, SNAS, CISMA, VDS, etc.).

Because of our tradition of excellence, we are also engaged in the oSa department for the revision of standards.

SAMEDIA is a reliable partner of the ARKEDIA Group and we are growing as an international brand with a solid reputation.

To summarize: We provide the best tools with a customized sales and marketing platform.