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To have the best tools is one thing. To offer good services is another.

We offer our customers different services.

We offer technical services like training, dedicated tutorials and other literature, and many more.

Because your demands may be specific, we deliver specific answers.

Tell us what you need and we will meet your requirements.

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SAMEDIA = SAFERTraining-samedia

Compliant with European standard EN 13236, which guarantees the best possible safety for diamond tools, we provide customized workshops and training for our retailers.

Regular topics:

  • certifications
  • best practices
  • personal safety (individual protection equipment, legal responsibilities, ...)
  • presentation of the SAMEDIA range

At the end of our meetings, every participant receives an information certificate on the use of superabrasives.


We can organize dedicated diamond tools training and trade support for your sales force and customers. Our Export Team and our Export Department are ready to help you in your development..Marketing SAMEDIA

Wherever you are in the world, we aim to show you the SHOXX® difference!

Of course, carrying out in-house and on-site demos is also part of our offer package.

We also help you implement your showrooms and your customers’ showrooms.

Furthermore, qualified in-house employees and technicians are available in Germany on our Denzlingen site.

Prompt delivery of goods takes place from our central warehouse.

From the offer to the delivery, all operations take place smoothly according to the guidelines of EN ISO 9001:2008.


An attractive, promotional and at the same time theft-resistant display can be set up in your showrooms.

SAMEDIA offers a multitude of high-value, individually equipped placement and merchandising tools, perfectly tailored to existing areas of your showrooms or your customers’ showrooms.

In addition, we regularly organize yearly or seasonal promotions to help you increase your sales and earn the complete satisfaction of your customers..



SAMEDIA, your Safety partner.

Photo credit : Sven Mieke, SAMEDIA.