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SAMEDIA on the front page of SEAM

Friday 2 April 2021

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FEPA's SEAM program has published a news article on its website about our sustainable development policy. Discover the highlights.

From security to convenience & usability

SAMEDIA has long been oSa approved for the safety of its diamond tools. We have also complied with EN 13236 for many years and our safety requirements exceed these legal obligations.

SAMEDIA goes further by integrating security issues into a sustainability strategy that respects both users and the environment. We no longer just manufacture tools, we manufacture and market complete solutions for cutting, coring and grinding: tools, machines, accessories.

This more functional approach brings us closer to user needs. And they are increasingly opting for more manageable, portable, quieter and less polluting products.

Add to this that as always, we don't skimp on build quality, as the leading European producer of diamond tools and now cutting machines.

Anticipating the market's needs for more ergonomic and eco-responsible products, SAMEDIA has launched two new innovative products:

  • the ez-damper system to reduce the sound volume and vibrations on our diamond discs (see our SHOXX BMX COMFORT diamond blade on our french market)
  • the AMPHIBIA CTS 800/830 table saw for dry or wet cutting with dust collection. This machine is very successful in Germany, and could be marketed in other countries.

The success of our user-friendly / eco-friendly products is evident with a very significant increase in sales in 2020 alone, despite the complex health context.

To find out more about our global quality approach and our commitments within SEAM:


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