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Thursday 19 November 2020

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SAMEDIA world renowned products are leading us to sell in more countries. This is why we have built a new website dedicated to the international market :

Leader on the European market, SAMEDIA has established itself in recent years on 6 continents.

We set ourselves apart from the competition on one essential point: our diamond tools are the best in the world. They are FASTER, STRONGER and SAFER.
Our SHOXX forging technology is patented and allow our tools to deliver unrivalled performance (watch our SHOXX video).

We do not buy our products, we manufacture them ourselves, according to the most stringent quality and safety requirements, in our SAMEDIA factories located in Germany and France.

Still, we do not yet have sales representatives or resellers in all countries of the world, although we aspire to do so.

SAMEDIA worldwide
You are a craftsman, an end user who needs diamond tools for his construction sites?

Consult the map of our international retailers below. We could have a local distributor or sales representative agency near you. 
You can also contact us for technical information.


You are a building materials supplier, a distributor of construction tools, a public works company, an importer, a sales representative agency?

Contact us, we could partner & will always have solutions for you. Our products are suitable for all construction or civil works needs, anywhere in the world.

SAMEDIA tools are suitable for all construction and civil works needs


Note : if you're living in the USA or in Canada, we invite you to use our dedicated US website. Just switch on the US flag at the top right of the page.

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SAMEDIA in video :

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