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🚂 Full steam ahead with SHOXX®!

Monday 6 March 2023

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You already knew the patented SHOXX® technology which makes our highest range of pro diamond products the best range in the world regarding speed, longevity and safety of use.


Simply put, our SHOXX® diamond blades, drill core bits and grinding blades cut twice as fast, twice as long and they are twice as safe.  


But to further support our originality and the unequaled character of our SHOXX® tools, We're X-cited at SAMEDIA to now offer you, for all of your future orders, an outstanding, modern and dynamic new design that will leave no one indifferent on the displays!


💪 Pick up steam on your jobsites with our brand new SHOXX® tools!


👁️ Watch out our new SHOXX® design in video: