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Why upload videos ?

Demonstration videos and video tutorials are more instructional, simpler and easier to consult than technical files or manuals.

Videos are increasingly in demand as efficient media for all Product Information Management.

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Watch our current videos in english :

SAMEDIA - "Faster, Stronger, Safer ! " (new corporate video)

We are a premium solutions provider for public works and construction workers.

Our tools are extremely powerful, fast, versatile and reliable.


ZOOM on the SOLO cut-off petrol saw, by SAMEDIA

This is the most powerful cut-off petrol saw on the market. A very robust machine, and really comfortable to use too. Check this video + our special tutorials (quick start and maintenance) !


SAMEDIA - Top coring speed test

Roof Top Castellated / 8+2 / Fast coring / Made in Europe / Reinforced concrete / Thickness 300mm / 2 rebars of 16mm / Core Bits DBK 82mm…


SHOXX The ultimate diamond tools innovation

SHOXX tools = unrivalled performance !