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Our values

Our responsivenessvaleurs-accompagnement-terrain

  • A proactive sales department with 20 sales representatives in the field to support you wherever you are located.
  • Our solutions are tailored to your own commercial, technical and marketing needs.
    We think that ready-made solutions are often bad solutions. So we only deliver custom-made solutions !
  • Your orders are processed immediately to ensure a 24-48 hour delivery deadline.


Our services

SAMEDIA offers :

  • Training in the use of our diamond tools & machines
  • Customized promotional visits for your sales force
  • Live demonstrations at construction sites


Our 3 service goals : quality, safety, support.



SAMEDIA's philosophy : Faster, Stronger, Safer !

We aren’t all talk. We are real, because our products are real.

Watch our new corporate video and you will understand.

All’s said within 2 minutes. One little video is better than a thousand words!


SAMEDIA - Faster, Stronger, Safer (English version)

We are a premium solutions provider for public works and construction workers.

Our tools are extremely powerful, fast, versatile and reliable.

Our solutions are long-term.