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SAMEDIA = a unique manufacturing process in Europe

In search of continuous development, SAMEDIA has established its production model as a worldwide reference.

  • Our production is highly automated and features machinery built in-house in our German production plant.
  • Our production capacity allows us to respond to an increasing demand from international customers with product specifications that ensure exceptional quality. Our tools are Made in Germany, in Denzlingen (Baden-Württemberg).
  • Thus, we meet the requirements of quality and quantity. With SAMEDIA products, you are not forced to choose between performance and price. We are competitive on both sides, which is great value for our retailers.

SHOXX® = Outstanding technology, only by SAMEDIASHOXX comparison with standard tools

The development of SHOXX® technology has succeeded in revolutionizing the standard process that has been used until now for segment production.

The SHOXX® process is based on a forging technology that was developed within our group and implemented through our production technology.

Therefore, our expertise enables the use of new SHOXX® segments for a cutting capacity that has been unachievable until now.

Compared to our competitors, SHOXX® blades clearly stand out in terms of:

  • cutting speed (2 times faster)
  • lifetime (last 2 times longer)
  • comfort during use (25% less vibration)

Some of our customers say that our blades cut concrete like a hot knife through butter ! Others say : "SHOXX or nothing!"

SHOXX® = Champion in all categories

SHOXX segment welding properties

With regard to cutting speed, lifetime and versatility, SHOXX® blades clearly distinguish themselves from conventional cutting disks.

SHOXX reduced vibration

Thanks to their properties, SHOXX® blades are particularly suited for intensive, continuous operation. 

Due to special segment geometry, SHOXX® cutting disks achieve a significantly reduced vibration stress.

This results in fewer stoppages.

Unlike standard methods, SHOXX® technology also allows for the production of higher segments (up to 20 mm). 


IN VIDEO >>>>  SHOXX® - The ultimate diamond tools innovation !

SHOXX revolutionizes your construction projects. Here's the proof !


SHOXX, N°1 in the diamond tools industry