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A brand new look for SAMEDIA

Thursday, February 8, 2018


March : SAMEDIA is revealing a new corporate and corporate identity (New C.I).

SAMEDIA is rolling out its new visual identity on all products and medias on march 2018.

This new design revamping has 3 main goals :

  • Harmonize our brand image worldwide
  • Improve clarity and readability of all our product ranges
  • Increase point-of-sale and shelf activity

A form change for a same content

Don't be fooled. SAMEDIA products stay basically the same. Technically they stay 100 % identical. Only the appearance evolves.

Aperçu packaging new C.I

Key dates :

  • 1st of march 2018 :  all SAMEDIA products display the new finish
  • February : transition period. Our retailers could receive some "new look" products.


In short :  a better look for simpler choices.

A personalized support :

SAMEDIA salesforce stay available to accompany their customers on the new identity deployment.

Any question still ?

> Contact your nearby sales manager (contact form & interactive map).

A small glimpse from SAMEDIA New C.I ...

Produits au nouveau look - SAMEDIA 2018

2018 SAMEDIA's brand new brand

Check back for new info in the upcoming weeks !